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find that trophy bull

moose hunting in alaska

Our Moose hunts take place in GMU 20A in the Central Alaska Range and are in some of the most dense Moose numbers in the state.

The Alaska Range Bulls are known for having the classic tall (canoe paddle) palms as well as having nice fronts/brow palms/tines. We have taken several Bulls over the years whose outside spread on their brow palms has been over 65″! We typically take Moose in the high 50″ to mid 60″ range. The moose have been holding a steady population and we enjoy one of the longest seasons in the state at 25 days.

A Moose hunt entails riding or walking to a prominent knob overlooking a vast amount of country looking for that distinctive flash of a trophy Moose palm. Once a Moose as been spotted that a hunter finds desirable a stalk will be planned or if they are in a rutting mood we call one over as close as you would like I can assure you!

Hunting on horseback

Once the Moose has been dispatched you will appreciate the guides skill at preparing your trophy as well as the care of the meat. Then you’ll really appreciate the horses that will pack this largest member of the Deer family back to one of the camps!

Moose can typically be taken within walking distance of either of my camps and if the hunter doesn’t want to use a horse a 30 minute to 45 minute hike from either camp will put you on any number of “Moose knobs” that have consistently produced trophy bulls for all the years I have been doing this. It is a very rare occasion that we have to “spike” out for a Moose hunt and you get to enjoy the nice accommodations of my main camps including awesome hearty home cooked meals heavy on the portions and heavenly on the taste!

Like any of my hunts these hunts can be physically demanding and the hunter should come prepared mentally as well as physically. My guides and I will give you a 110% all the time to make your hunt a success we ask that you do the same.

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