Midnight Sun Safaris

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Our horseback hunts occur in game-rich fields units 13 and 20 in the central Alaskan Range. We have maintained consistently high success rates for as long as we have been in business, and our success has come as the result of exceptionally talented guides and the hard-working string of mountain horses we maintain in our stables.

Depending upon the season, weather conditions and type of hunt you choose, we might travel to our remote spike camps aboard bush-equipped aircraft, snowmobile or boat. Our camps are clean and comfortable, and we keep them well-supplied with plenty of great food!

Our hard work doesn't end when the hunt is over. Your taxidermist or butcher will appreciate the exceptional care we put into the preparation of your trophies and meat. We can arrange the shipping of hides, meat, etc., locally, or you may take it all home with you. Either way, it will be in excellent shape to travel.

2018 Rates

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Spring and Fall Grizzly Bear $16,800
Black Bear $6,000
Moose $20,800
Dall Sheep $20,800
Caribou $8,500
Trapline/Predator $8,500
Two Species (12 days) $25,800
Three Species (15 days) $30,800
Observer Fee (per day) $350

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