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Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting Talkeetna and Central Alaska Range

Successful Grizzly Bear Hunt Successful Grizzly Bear Hunt Grizzly Bear in the Alaska wilderness Successful Grizzly Bear hunt

Grizzly Bear hunts - The spring bear hunts take place in GMU's 13 and 20 that are home to some of the densest Bear populations in the state. The majority of the state allows for a Bear every 4 regulatory years but these units allow for a Bear every year as the population is strong and growing in spite of my efforts.

So come help me give the Moose, Caribou and Sheep a chance - lets go Bear hunting! My spring time bear hunts kick-off in April and are conducted primarily by snowmobile. These early hunts are usually denning hunts that entail snowmobiling in the mountain ranges of the Talkeetna's and the Central Alaska Range and looking for the telltale sign of a den that has been freshly excavated.

Bears will typically come and go from their dens from several days to a few weeks from when they first wake up. Bears harvested at this time of year have long unblemished coats and claws that are long and knife-like as they haven't been digging for foods and such.

Later spring hunts are conducted in May and June by ATV, horseback and foot. These hunts entail sitting on prominent knobs glassing vast amounts of country looking for a suitable bear that the hunter desires. Bear hunting has often been described as ten plus days of extreme boredom followed by ten to twenty seconds of pure adrenaline rush as the hunt comes to a typically fitful conclusion.

For all of my spring hunts I tell my hunters to block out two plus weeks as sometimes it takes us 15, 16 or even 17 days to find a suitable Bear. I do not charge you for these additional days as I want your hunt to be a success as much as you do and I prove it all the time by putting in the extra effort to get you the trophy you desire! Just ask Guy Weaver (717)579-3788 or Billy hunter (276)971-3421 whom took 15 and 17 days to harvest some huge Grizzly Bears recently.

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